Collagen that is closely related to skin aging.

The skin is a membrane covering the outside of the body, which performs various internal organ control and other bodily functions to protect the body from a variety of external stimuli, disturbances, and dryness. The total area of the skin varies by age, gender and region, but for adults, it is about 1.6 ㎡, weighs 16 % of body weight, and includes the thinnest and thickest areas of the palm and pad. Although simple and flat, the morphological structure of the skin, when observed microscopically, is a complex network. Structurally cut and look under the microscope at the skin, it is composed of epithelial tissue, collectible skin, and hypodermic tissue, each having unique functions and is correlated. Among them, collagium is mainly composed of collagen and elastine, especially collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining the structure of the skin's dermatosis. Collagen present in the true cortex of the skin accounts for most of the extracellular matrix, accounting for 70 to 85 % of the total skin dry weight. Main functions of collagen in the skin are known to maintain the mechanical rigidity of the skin, strengthen the resistance of connective tissue and tissue coupling, support of cell adhesion, and induction of cell division and differentiation. Elastin and Proteoglycan, Fibronectin, and Laminine, which make up the extracellular matrix in the skin, including collagen, are exported from the metabolic cells, mostly in the blastocyte. In particular, glycoprotein is the main ingredient of dermatosome, forming the cell's structural integrity and role as a barrier against penetration of bacteria. And it is widely present in animals, plants, and organelles, especially in cells, where glycoprotein is present on many of the cell walls and is involved in numerous cell-surface reactions. It also exists in a form shared with one of the extracellular matrix collagen and elastine, which prevents skin from elastic and wrinkled by retaining large quantities of moisture in the substrate.