Collagen Cosmetics

Collagen Ampoule

Four-week Care Care Program for Elastic and Healthy Skin

  • 1. Anti-wrinkles and Anti-Oxidant effect by containing Fish Collagen and Vegetable collagen
  • 2. Help strengthen the skin barrier
  • 3. Use stabilized marine fish nanocollagen granules
  • 4. Nutrition / elasticity / moisturizing / Improvement of wrinkles / transparency / vitality
  • 5. Marine fish nano collagen & Type in which the vegetable pracenta solution is divided into two parts

Recommended target

Those who have complex skin troubles such as skin elasticity and skin texture

People who want to focus on eyes, mouth and neck wrinkles

Someone who wants to make a resilient skin.

How To Use

  • Step.01 Open the cap of the ampoule, press firmly with your finger
  • Step.02 The marine fish granules at the top fall down to the vegetable placenta at the bottom
  • Step.03 Shake for at least 15 seconds so that the marine fish granules and vegetable prascenta mix well.
  • Step.04 Apply evenly spread to the qhole face of well-mixed ampoules in serum using steps. Mixed ampoules can be used optimally within 10 days.

Characteristics of collagen component

The collagen that constitutes the human body is a kind of protein made by combining various amino acids and occupies about 30% of the total protein. In particular, collagen, which accounts for 70% of skin proteins, plays a role in connecting cells to cells, preventing skin aging, preventing arthritis, preventing hair loss, nourishing nails and toenails, and helping children grow and develop. The age at which the wrinkles are formed and the bone is caught deeply is caused by lack of 70% of the amount of collagen in the dermal layer, and after about 20 years old, the collagen produced in the body is sharply reduced. When the collagen is abundant, the skin aging can be slowed and the blood circulation can be improved and the skin immunity can be enhanced.

Collagen ampoule efficacy

The efficacy evaluation after 3 weeks of use of 15 women in their twenties to thirties showed an improvement in skin moisturizing and elasticity, an improvement in wrinkles, and a clear skin tone.

Eye wrinkle improvement effect

As a result of intensive care of the wrinkles around the eyes, the wrinkles under the eyes almost disappear and the deep wrinkles are relatively light.

Skin texture and pore elasticity effect

Along with skin elasticity, pores are reduced.