Why eat collagen?

Collagen uptake is mandatory.

Collagen serves to preserve the shape of the skin and harden the skin tissue. It is one third of the protein in the body, such as skin, bones, joints, and hair, and is an important component, which makes up about 80 % of the weight of skin's derma.

How best to get collagen

Nano collagen that can be applied quickly due to its high absorption rate

Collagen is contained in a lot of pigskin, chicken legs, mollusks, etc. However, Collagen The molecular weight is 300,000 (DA) of polymer. That is, it has a high molecular weight and low absorption Collagen is greatly dependent on its molecular weight and its digestion capacity is greatly changed. Fish (marine) collagen can be used to increase the absorption rate of the human body and to achieve faster effect.

Small molecular weight sizes increase absorption.

나노사이즈 400~500Da

Collagen Ingestion effect

  • Skin moisturizing
  • Antioxidation effect
  • Diet effect
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Collagenesis