We are the one who pursue health, youth and enjoyment and we do our best to develop the life quality of our customers. And we are trying to search and offer good products and services first over the slogan "The perfect unity with the customers which the customers long for" so that we can give the best customers satisfaction and trust. Only the best quality quality gives the best bio-compnay, so we, CNA BIOTECH which had developed the Vegetable Collagen, the Marine Collagen and the Collagen Peptide, are inventing drastically and continuously to R&D thus we are growing up the highest value added company gradually in the 21st centuries upon a higher technology

in the life engineering where we developed the surface active agent and the physiological activated matters before. Also, by the construction of the association with industry-Academy-Research, we will grow the biological industyial material intensively, furhermore, leap to the best bio-venture company which produces the worldwide results in this field. So we, CAN BIOTECH, consider humans the best property and promise to piomote the products Qualities with giving full play of our origianlity and potentiality.

Thank you.